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Cairn Coghill - Winemaker, Sileni Estate Winery

Cairn Coghill paves the way in creating a style of Pinot Noir from Hawke's Bay that is truly unique to our region, driven by pure passion & local knowledge of the terroir he is able to pursue the many directions of wine making he takes with this one fickle variety.

I went into today's meet & greet thinking I would write about how wonderful the wines are at Sileni across all the varieties and wine styles that they do. But we all know how great that brand is already! And I was lucky enough to learn and see more than that.

My eyes were opened to the potential here, a secret unlocked by Cairn and his team. I now have the overwhelming urge to get out and try every single Pinot Noir I can find from Hawke's Bay

I only hope they are as floral, natural in texture, pretty & approachable as Selini Wines!

Nic xx

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