Only commercially making wine for 10 years Roland Norman at Tukipo River Estate Wines has been widely known for concentrating his wine making direction on that he truly enjoys and loves to drink! Individual, Earthy, soft and well balanced easy drinking wine with subtle hints of madness.

Initially these wine names told of a personal story of which he maintains and tells with great passion and character tonight with a full glass of wine in hand. Honest, humble and cheerful. All of his wine since floats the same theme, An extraordinary man of whom I have waited along time to meet. And like all good things it was worth it!!

We instantly connected over our mutual love of Chardonnay. (And drinking!) Being one of the few who do a HB Pinot Noir I also learnt a great deal from him.

We were spoiled tonight with the release of 3x wines:
2016 Fat Snapper Chardonnay
2016 Fat Pheasant Pinot Noir
2015 Fat Duck Pinot Noir
And the tasting of one of Rollands first babies the 2010 Islander Chardonnay

"You can't really make wine without a glass in your hand" his words not mine!

Nic xx

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