· Life on the Vineyard

This week was spent basking In the early sunrise rises on the vineyard in the Tuki Tuki Valley on the church road Chardonnay block... 7am out in the vines having a look over the 40 hectare property admiring and appreciating all the hard yards the boys have put in while I was away for three weeks! The vineyard sparkles in the morning sunlight and is looking very picture perfect on these wonderful spring days. Filled with potential for the season ahead.

Grass is lush and green, skies are blue, the days are becoming longer. Our Vines are laid, sheep removed, excess canes swept & mulched off the vineyard floor. Under vine weed spraying is complete.

Frost fighting is in full force with 5 events in the last couple of weeks. And the exciting instillation of five shinny new frost fans to make things a whole lot easier when teamed up with the over row sprinklers feed from the dam. out here along the coast the nights can get very cool this time of year and it's now that our vines are in their most vulnerable state.

Wires have been dropped and ready for this seasons growth to get under way as these wee little buds of promise hold the secret to this vintages bottled gold that is Hawke's Bay Chardonnay.

Nic xx

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