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Supernatural Wine Co. @ Millar Road, Hawke's Bay

Extraordinary out of the box wines and no review of mine will do this brand any justice at all. These wines are truly an individual experience and must be tried by YOU!

Spooky rather gothic like labels are a bit of a play on words as it crosses the realms of naturally grown to the 'supernatural' style of wine making. Organic, cloudy, sediment filled, hugely textured wines. Vibrant and highly Moreish! Supernatural Wine Co. is Vine to wine Grown by one master of all things vineyard and wine making Hayden Penny .....
And to top it all off this vineyard is overlooked by one of Hawke's Bays best kept secret Luxury accomodation spots - Millar Road.

Wine is available to try at all your favourite local hot spots in Hawke's Bay... Bistronomy, Malo, Indigo, Mister D's and Milk & Honey. I was lucky enough to be invited out for a private tasting of which I'm still buzzing from!

Nic xx

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