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Village Quaffers

I love me a wine club, I'm in many - it's how I learn! But this one is definitely my fav...

I've said it before but I'll say it again, the Village Quaffers in Havelock North is a great evening out whether you're a total novice or just like drinking; OR in the wine making scene!

And here's why!

  • NZ's largest paid wine club! At 180 bums on seats ( a record for the team! )
  • Features 8 wines across country, region, brand and variety
  • Only $10 a ticket!
  • No annual fees and no obligation to attend every met!
  • 7 till 8:30 so you can get the kids sorted and come on down!
  • All the wines are under $20 unless Mac gets super excited about a special one!
  • The wines are personally selected by Mac & Pip from @advintagewines stock for our drinking pleasure!
  • It's very relaxed, every wine is approachable & Macs honest humor entertains the room!
  • And a lot of Hawke’s Bay wine features! 🥇

Village Quaffers happens once a month and is always very quick to sell out. It’s always a fun night out with lots of laughs and of course all that fabulous wine, For more info check out the Advintage website and be sure to give them a follow on Facebook & Instagram.

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